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We are asked all the time who does the tea party movement recommend we vote for. That is a difficult question to answer because the tea party is a movement of millions of different Americans and organizations. What we do share in common is supporting the most conservative, constitutional, limited government, free market candidates available in any given election.

It really doesn’t matter what political party the candidate is in but quite frankly we cannot find any currently in the Democrat party near to support these principles. Instead they support a big government, tax and spend and regulate system, which is the opposite of what the tea party movement supports. Don’t be fooled by republicans though either. Many in the republican party do not support these core principles either or the tea party movement in general. Many have called them “RINO (republican in name only)” republicans.

The ultimate goal of the tea party movement is to support our founders principles of the constitution and limited federal government, states’ rights, individual liberty, personal responsibility and free markets. We want replace big government tax and spend and regulate progressives in Congress and the white house with commonsense conservatives that support those core principles. Unlike many of the politicians, we believe the American people are very smart and if given the facts, history and voting records of each politician in Congress and future candidates, it will be an easy decision for the American voter to make in supporting the most conservative of the available candidates.

Below are a list of links to various organizations that will give you the facts on the politicians and potential candidates prior to each election so you can make an informed decision.

Find out more about the state think tank advancing freedom and making a difference in your state.  There is at least one state think tank in the SPN network in every state, working to advance market-friendly public policy at the state and local levels.  They are committed to the principles of free markets, individual liberty, personal responsibility and limited government, and are working every day to advance those values in every state in the country.  Click below to find out about your state’s think tank and how you can get involved today in fighting for American free enterprise! Click Here

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