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How to Start a Tea Party


How to start your own tea party group

1. Register your name and contact information online in the above form with for you and anyone that is or becomes a part of your group.

2. Create your own personal mission statement. What does your group hope to achieve to help advance the principles of conservative, constitutional, limited government, personal responsibility, free market values of the tea party movement?

3. Send out a group email to all the people in your address book about your new tea party group you just formed and your personalized tea party website and ask them for their support. Also ask all your family and friends to sign up free for the daily tea party event and information newsletter at .

4. Contact us at if you have a topic you would like to discuss on our national tea party radio show hosted by Rusty Humphries. We will do our best to get everyone on at some point if you have a relevant topic.

5. Stock up on tea party member items such as tea party member shirts, teacup lapel pins, don’t tread on me shirts and flags and more. Go to the online store at or if you donate $100 or more to the tea party movement on the site, you will receive a tea party member package of a tea party shirt, teacup lapel pin, tea party button and tea party license plate frame all free including postage.

6. When you are ready to plan an event, pick a meaningful date like tax day April 15th or 9/12 or similar as you will get a better turnout because those days are being promoted nationally by our organization and others as well.

7. Pick a start and end time to your event and don’t make it over 3 hours if you can help it.

8. Contact us at and let us know of your event date and time in advance and we will post it on our national calendar and daily tea party email newsletter.

9. Finding a location to have the event. Check hotels for meeting rooms or for cost saving event, contact your city or county to see if you can hold it at a park or similar and make sure you have any necessary permits required.

10. Keep facilities in mind for events. Remember the people that come are guests of yours and you want them to have a good experience. Consider parking, restrooms, food and water conveniences.

11. Check the weather report. People don’t like to go out in bad weather even if the event is inside.

12. Check on PA system and electricity availability if you are to have anything over a very small crowd.

13. Try to get at least one speaker that has some name recognition nationally or even locally to just your area. People want to come see people that are well known and respected. Try to have at least 4 or more speakers on various topics.

14. Have a question and answer period for each speaker.

15. Try to get some entertainment as well like a band or DJ to play and play lots of patriotic music.

16. Always start off the event with the pledge of allegiance and if you have a band, the star spangled banner and/or America the beautiful as well.

17. If you have a TV monitor or video screen, start off the event with our them video of “We The People”. It will definitely get your crowd going. Here is the link:

18. Contact all your local media including newspapers, TV and radio and let them know about y our tea party event. Post signs at any establishment that supports the movement on the event.

19. Ask local deli if they would like to sponsor and be at the event with food if the event is a good size and also offer a discount because of the event.

20. Have enthusiastic people hold up signs on busy road near the event directing people that there is an event starting and which direction to get there.

21. Prior to the event, canvas local businesses and homes door to door letting them know of the event.

22. Check with your state on the register to vote procedures and see about providing a register to vote booth at your event.

23. Events cost money so ask for donations from local citizens and businesses.

24. Offer tea party member shirts, pins, yard signs, etc. for sale to help raise money. You can buy them in bulk for a discount and re sell them for more by contacting us at or contact a local printer and design your own.

25.Send out thank you notes after the event to all that came, volunteered, etc.

26. Last but not least, direct everyone to go to to sign up free to get the daily newsletter and calendar of tea party events and get their free tea party personalized website and blog.

Again, our victory together will come from our numbers, our growth, our love of country and our resolve. Good luck, God Bless and thank you for supporting the movement!
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